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Fabledom Chinese version download

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"Fable Land" official Chinese version [v0.46|Steam genuine distribution]

Game type: Simulation business SIM

Game publisher: Dear Villagers, Doyoyo Games

Update time: 2023-10-18 09:53

Game language: Chinese

Game size: 1.3G

Download address:

Normal download

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Fabledom is a fairy tale-style town building simulation game that is very easy to learn and allows you to build and develop intuitively. Youxia.com shares the Fable Land download. You will lead your people on an adventure journey, starting from scratch and gradually developing from a small village to a high-walled castle.

Game Introduction

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful and mysterious little village. The village is located on a vast plain surrounded by mountains and covered by dense forests. The air here is fresh, the sky is blue, the sun is bright, and the pace of life is leisurely and pleasant. Welcome to this fairy tale town building simulation game - here, you will become the builder and guardian of the village, leading the villagers to create a fantasy town.

In the game, you will have a space with a high degree of freedom and can freely plan the development of the village. You can choose differentArchitectural styles, such as traditional fairy tales, modern fairy tales, science fiction, etc., to create your own fairy tale world. In addition, you can freely adjust various constructions of the village, such as roads, rivers, forests, etc., to make it more beautiful and livable.

In the game, you can also invite the king or queen of neighboring countries to become friendly neighbors and explore this mysterious world together. Through trade and diplomacy, you can also expand the borders of your village and open up new territories.

Of course, if you have the courage to challenge the overlords of neighboring countries, you can also launch a war to compete for territory and resources. The most important thing is that you can find your prince or princess here, marry them, and build a happy home together.

You can also invite various fantasy creatures, such as elves, dwarves, dragons, etc., to the village to explore this mysterious world with you. In this fairy tale town building simulation game, you will experience the fun of gaming like never before.

It not only allows you to create your own fairy tale world, but also allows you to feel the sense of accomplishment of being a leader of a village and working hard for the happiness of the villagers. Come join us and create a fairy tale world full of fantasy!

Game Features

As a monarch, it is one of your responsibilities to pay attention to the people's livelihood and public sentiment. You should always care about the lives and needs of the people, lead your people to explore this vast land, and conquer various ruins. At the same time, we should also use superb diplomatic means to reach peace agreements or marriages with neighboring countries to maintain regional peace and stability.

Dear Lord, in the name of benevolence, you have brought happiness and prosperity to yourself and other people. You can use both government and war to manage this land.

Gather resources and build a place that meets the requirements.

Find a place that meets your expectations, where you can settle, build, develop and prosper!

You need to have both wisdom and diligence, actively collect and store resources, and work hard to produce and expand your business. Starting from scratch, through continuous accumulation, we finally achieve a grand scale that accommodates all things.

Feel free to use it as you like and build a city-state that conforms to great ideals for yourself and the people you rule.

About economic development: Our country is committed to optimizing the economic structure and strengthening internal management and adjustment to achieve a virtuous economic cycle. At the same time, we actively expand foreign trade and gain opportunities for economic growth and development through the exchange of rare resources.

Game Highlights

Diplomatic relations refer to the diplomatic relations between countries. By using diverse diplomatic means such as espionage, alliances, feuds, and marriages, you can help you maneuver in international relations to achieve your own interests.maximize.

Carefully evaluate every diplomatic decision you make, which will have a significant impact on the progress of the game.

The prince loves the princess, and he will not feel tired when farming! It can be understood as: the prince likes the princess very much, and he will not feel tired when farming.

The game has its own emotions and emotion system, which will bring an interesting and unique experience to the simulation game.

Build an army and train outstanding warriors to strengthen defense and expand territory.

In this fairy tale world, evil will never disappear. Evil forces are watching the city-state like tigers, and bad guys inside and outside the city are also active.

Choose and recruit your warriors, form your own army, build the strongest city, and protect this prosperous country.

In the fairy tale world, the feeling of happiness and leisure.

This is still a magical fairy tale world where people can experience giants, witches, flying pigs and explore various mysterious ruins.

Let’s stay curious together and explore every nook and cranny of this amazing world.

Game Configuration





Graphics card:

Hard disk:

Installation Instructions

Installation steps for genuine users:

1. Use WINRAR software to decompress the game to the hard drive
2. Copy all genuine game files to the SteamApps directory under the STEAM installation directory.
3. After purchasing the genuine activation code, activate and start the game.

Note: This game requires the purchase of a genuine Steam KEY to run! ! !

Essential runtime libraries

DirectX Redist Multi-language version 9.29.1974


Note: The necessary runtime library is the official Chinese version of "Fable Land" [v0.46|Steam genuine diversion] game running Programs that must be installed. Without these programs, the game may not run properly.


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